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College & Career Readiness

Get the support needed to prep for college mentally and financially.

Speak with Patricia Today!

High School Teachers, Counselors, & Parents: Hiring Patricia Ellis To Speak To Your Students Will Prepare Them For College!

When booking college readiness sessions for your student's future education with Patricia, she will follow a process with her High School Checklist. Her checklist will cover many items like:


  • College Choice - Picking Right College for You

  • College Ready Information guide

  • Financial Aid Information

  • Where to find scholarships

  • Information on Grants

  • Loans

  • and More

Making the journey through the education system can be a tricky one.  Patricia Ellis is dedicated to helping the parents and students navigate this path.  It is good to asses your child's education level and determines the path best suited for them. Having direction through middle school and high school will help prepare you for college.  Training to be career-ready is what sets you up for the real world.  It can be very stressful preparing for college financially.  Diversity Inc. will help you navigate scholarships, grants, and loans that best fit your financial needs.

Booking Services

  • College Preparation Presentations

  • Career Day Presentations

  • Financial Aid Workshops

  • Group Sessions 1-2 hours or .30-1 hrs

  • All-day Group Sessions with several different groups, teacher/counselor educational resources



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