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Find The Benefits You Deserve!

Patricia will guide you in every aspect of this process.

Speak with Patricia Today!

Have A Better Quality Of Life Due To An Increase In Benefits


Our veterans may have a hard time when they return home attempting to get the benefits they deserve.  Navigating the bureaucracy and red tape of the governmental system may be difficult to deal with.  Patricia Ellis will advocate on behalf of your rights to guide you through the system.  There are benefits out there that are yours and Diversity Inc. will help you get them.  Even if you're not sure that we can help give us a call today and let a representative talk to you in person.


  • Aide and Assistance with Initial Claims

  • Obtaining Medical Records

  • Completing Eligibility forms for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Individual Unemployability (IU) claims

  • Preparing Supplemental Statements to support Claims

  • Reviewing Medical Records to Identify symptoms and disabilities

  • Research for Appeals of Denied Claims

  • Write Appeals for Denied Claims

  • Witness & Spousal Statements
    (find and confirm veteran statements by reaching out to witnesses, also to support a disability or medical condition.)

  • Other correspondence as needed​



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